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if you flood yourself with information you'll never be as clever as the cleverist or funny as the funniest. I'd say different people take action in different ways. For some it is passive and based on conversation with peers, and for others it is active and therefore based on some physical step, proactive move intended to better, or right something.

I had the pleasure of meeting the "real" Patch Adams not long ago, and one of the things that most impressed me was first his intelligence, but second, his ability to cut through his personal intellectual/liberal trappings that keep most of us from acting due to our annoying relativist tendencies.

I got the feeling that for him, having everything planned and worked out was understood to be impossible. Acting and doing, protesting and being an activist, doesn't imply perfection and the assumption that you are completely right. What is important is that you do [something], continue to inform yourself, and rework your plan if your opinion/the situation changes.


i have to do this, just because i'm an editor:
it's "McEwan"

i loved that book... made me think about a whole lot of things, but mostly:
1) how, especially in the post-Sept. 11 context, we can react rashly to a single incident, thereby manifesting an amazingly complex, life-threatening, world-ending reality in our heads before and leap mentally forward into doomsday before realizing that none of it is true
2) how we can alternatively experience the gamut of emotion, trauma and personal tragedy in the span of just a few minutes and come to the realization that it's the simplest things, like family, that in the end are what make us who we are, not the thriving medical or law practice, fancy car, etc.

love you :)


ps i gave you a shoutout: http://kinnardm.blogspot.com

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