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What's strange is that it isn't just "celebrity-type" stories (ie: Laci or Kobe)that are sensationalized. I have a problem with the Hollywoodization of the real news. The fact that CNN has to come up with an appropriately menacing theme song whenever they report on "The War on Terror". It seems like even important news is slicked up for entertainment value.

Don't know if you saw last week's South Park - but the kids were working on their school's closed circut TV news show. They realized they had to jazz up their news broadcast to compete with another student's show, so they called their show "South Park Sexy Action News!" and it had an explosion as part of their logo. Cartman told Token to stop his "ebonics tribe-speak" and sound more "how should I put this? White." so that he'd be palatable to the audience. They made up stories and scandals, and got higher ratings...

Shame that this was funny because it's true....


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